Hightech on board

Ship building has accompanied humanity since the beginning of history and enabled every continent to be settled. The demand for ever larger bulk carriers and tankers at affordable prices has increased with the advent of the industrial revolution and globalisation. Today, this business is centred primarily in the Far East.
In Europe, the main shipbuilding nations of years past have developed new future-oriented market niches, such as:

  • Cruise ships and yachts
  • Specialised ships (e.g. cable ships)
  • Naval ship building
  • Offshore technology and offshore wind parks

This specialisation in complex, valuable high-technology ship designs and offshore technology demands continuous innovation by supplier industries, including the design of pumps for use in seawater with varying levels of aggressiveness.

Compliance with the "Alaska Standard", which demands a high level of water purity in effluent treatment, requires high-quality macerator pumps to be used in purification plants aboard ships.

As sea and deep-sea mining develop, the supplier industry turns its attention to an ever increasing number of sophisticated new technologies, and the greatest demands are being placed on pump engineering.